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Friday, October 14, 2011

The first week

Bringing our baby home was yet another surreal experience in a long line of "can you believe this is really happening?" moments surrounding Jake's birth. Matt and I were so excited to drive away from the hospital and officially begin our lives together as a family of three! We spent that first week in the best kind of daze, just happily wrapped up in our baby boy.
Jake wasn't so sure about the car seat thing at first, but five minutes later he was a believer.
That first week of Jake's life naturally brought a lot of "firsts" for our little guy. These included:

*First power outage.
It was out for four hours on our first night home! Who knew we'd be changing diapers with tiny flashlights?
*First college football Saturday.
Cheering for the Falcons and the Cougs back-to-back wore him out!
*First Sunday nap.
And plenty more naps...
*First sponge bath at home.
Our little guy likes being clean. He also likes sucking on things like fingers, hands, biceps and binkies.
*First doctor's appointment.
Jake had a one-week appointment since he was so tiny when he was born. Babies are supposed to be back to their birth weight by their two-week check-up, but our little champ was a full half-pound heavier at the one week mark!
*First walk around the neighborhood.
This is one of our new favorite things.
*First photoshoot.
I already shared the "real" pictures but here are a few more snapshots from that day.
This picture makes us laugh. Jake apparently wanted to share the spotlight with his daddy.
My mom and sister Heidi arrived just in time to kick off week two, which I'll post about next!


  1. So sweet. Glad you gus are all doing well. He is beautiful and you look great! Naturals.

  2. You look amazing!! You can hardly tell you just had a baby!!

  3. I second Ashley, you look GREAT! What an inspiration to those of us who didn't even just have a baby. :)

    Quick question, you always have such great photos of you and Matt together, do you ask people to take photos of you or do you set up a tripod? There's not always someone around to take photos and I've found giving my DSLR to strangers to take a photo not only makes me nervous but half the time they're blurry cause they don't know how to handle the camera that well. Just wondering!

    Congrats on the gorgeous baby, what a blessing!

  4. You do look great and Baby Jake is so tiny and cute!

    I have been following your blog for sometime and you posted that you had Jake using the Bradley Method. I am pregnant and want to use the method for a drug free birth as well. I was wondering if you could email me (lifeofascott@gmail.com) and tell me some of your best tips. I bought 2 books, but there are no classes in my area so I will be all self taught :)

  5. Awww love these posts you've been doing. What a beautiful family you three are :)
    Love your stroller, which one is it??

  6. KelleeLyn- Thanks! We get all sorts of creative in that picture department. I'm definitely not too shy to ask someone to take our picture (or offer to take theirs... and then swap) and just try to pick the most techy-looking person there. If we want to use our dslr, we look for someone holding a dslr (they're all over the place!) or just get the dslr set on the most stranger-friendly setting possible (shutter speed of at least 1/100 to minimize blur and a higher aperture to decrease our chances of being compressed) and cross our fingers. Otherwise, we hand the strangers our point-and-shoot.

    The creativity comes when trustworthy-looking people aren't around. We've propped our camera on just about everything including a railing with a 500-foot drop (we used the wrist strap to tie it to the railing) lifeguard tower ladders, and a trash can (like in the stroller picture). We use our point-and-shoot camera and 10-second timer for those, of course. That said, we did recently buy a tripod but have only used it a handful of times in public.

    Okay, that all sounds really complicated but I promise it's not! We just make it up as we go. And if there's not an easy solution, we simply do the ol' self-portait-from-above thing or I take a picture of Matt. Hope that helps :)

  7. Kit- I'd love to share a few thoughts & will try to sit down to send you an e-mail this weekend. Maybe I'll write a blog post about it, too? In the meantime, don't worry about not taking a class - we didn't either and were still able to prepare. Our favorite book was Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way by Susan McCutcheon. (Forewarning that it has a few graphic photos). And the "our" in that last sentence is key -- it's vitally important for your husband to read it too and be on the same page as you.

  8. Lindsay- It's a Bugaboo Cameleon and I love it more than I ever knew a person could love a stroller! My engineer husband thinks it's the best thing ever, too. They're all sorts of expensive but we got a killer deal on our nearly-new one from someone on Orange County's craigslist.

  9. all your new posts are making me baby hungry!! :) nothing beats those first few weeks of life with a new babe.

  10. I love the one of Jake propping up Matt's chin!

  11. You are so great at documenting everything so thoroughly. You will love looking back on all these little moments because you thought to record them as they happened. I need to be better at that! I never take pictures anymore!

    And you look fabulous Ash!


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