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Thursday, March 17, 2011


Matt and I just barely returned from an incredible vacation in London, Rome and the Amalfi Coast! It was an early anniversary trip of sorts, squeezed in right before things get crazy with my school and Matt's work. After months of limited quality time because of my work schedule, it was nice to simply be together. The fact that our little getaway was in one of the world's most romantic places was just icing on the cake.
(Both of these pictures were taken in Positano on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. We stayed in the big white villa on top of the hill in the picture below.)
Sorry for my total and complete lack of communication over the past couple weeks, but I've been out of the country! As for my sporadic presence in the two weeks leading up to it, I was busy juggling normal life with prep for grad school and planning a very last-minute international vacation. We booked the whole thing a whopping two weeks before our departure date! So crazy. And so amazing.

It was especially nice to land in warm, sunny Southern California just before sunset yesterday (hooray for Daylight Savings!). We love traveling, but nothing beats America and home. Matt turned right around just four hours later and caught a flight to Denver to meet up with his brothers for the NCAA Tournament. Meanwhile, I barely got my ESPN bracket in on time and am catching a whole lot of March Madness on TV while recovering in LA this weekend. Oh yeah, and diving headfirst into graduate school. I hope to get caught up with my own life and all of yours' soon!


  1. Hi! I'm avid viewer of your blog and first time commenter!

    My husband and I are looking into a trip to the amalfi coast. Did you go through a travel agency or cruise for this trip?

  2. Kat- I planned it all myself! Nothing against travel agents, but I haven't ever found them necessary for my travels. I find great deals all on my own :-) For example, this trip--I got our nonstop, roundtrip plane tickets from LAX for just $400 including tax, and we stayed in beautiful 4-star hotels for an average of $100 a night--including fancy breakfast buffets. Seriously.

    Also, I LOVE cruises and think a Mediterranean cruise would be wonderful, but the big, normal cruises don't stop in places like Positano or Amalfi or Ravello (the pretty places on the Amalfi coast). You'd have to do a small cruise for that, and it would probably be expensive. So a Med. cruise would be AMAZING (my parents loved theirs!) but if you want to see the Amalfi Coast, make it a land trip. Fair warning, though: getting there is a little tricky!

    If you get further into planning and have any questions, be sure to let me know!

  3. Ash! OMGosh that vaca seems spectacular...and those deals- amazing! Please spill on those websites!! My husband and I SO need to go there, like yesterday! ;)

    It's so funny...our favorite restaurant here in Philadelphia is Positano Coast in Old City! It is freakin fab, with Amalfi Coast photos lining their walls. If only we could get a taste of the 'real deal'...and to score fab deals to there from way over here on the East Coast, haha) ;)

  4. This is one of those posts that make me sigh longingly. I wish I could jet to Europe for a last minute honeymoon. Ahhhh....to be young and in love.

  5. Can't wait for more photos of your trip! Sounds like it was fun! P.S. Can you help us find some cheap trips too??

  6. Friend...your life is seriously a romantic movie. Traveling...you and your hubby...grad school...I love watching each episode every week. Haha.
    And excuse me..where are you finding these amazing travel deals? Spread the word, I have a 5 year anniv. to plan....

  7. gorgeous!!! i am super jealous!! :) my husband is italian and both of us have been, just not together. we cannot wait to go on a trip there together.

  8. I am also an avid reader of your blog and a first time commenter! I just couldn't NOT comment on this one!!

    I LOVE Europe in all ways :) I have been to London a few times (most incredible city in the world, if you ask me :)) and Rome once but never to the Amalfi Coast! I am planning a trip to see my sister in Germany this fall and would LOVE to know where you found these amazing deals!! We have always wanted to go to Positano and some tips would be so awesome! Thanks so much!! :)

  9. fun! i love last minute trips. good for you guys to get away! (and congrats on grad school!)

  10. Thats amazing! I looked into flying in the fall and flights were high 800+. I'm coming from New Jersey.

    I'm going to continue to look into it and come back to you for any tips!


  11. Wow, the pics are amazing... you will definetely have to most more!!

    sounds like a great trip!

  12. cant wait to hear more about your trip!

  13. Gorgeous!! I'd love to jump on a plane and just get away...


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