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Monday, March 28, 2011

Catching up

I got a text from one of my favorite people this morning asking me why I haven't blogged for a week, especially when I have so much to blog about. Truth is, we've still been busy getting caught up on life around these parts. Matt and I finally got home from Europe/Denver/LA last Monday. Since we bookended our trip with weekends in LA, we were gone for a full 18 days and as it turns out, it takes awhile to catch up on 18 days away from home! The first thing I tackled was our fridge, which was looking quite sad upon our arrival:
(Yeah, those are two mandarin oranges that escaped our pre-trip cleaning. And yes, three-week-old oranges in the fridge are really nasty and I made Matt do the dirt removal work.)

Of course, we also had to unpack and deal with three weeks' worth of laundry, three weeks' worth of mail to sort, e-mails to go through, etc. ... all while working and writing papers and trying to recover from jet lag. Matt and I finally found our groove again last weekend, though: our fridge was stocked, laundry folded, mail sorted, inboxes emptied, bank accounts balanced and sleeping/eating schedules adjusted to Pacific Daylight Time. We even had time for some spring cleaning, a little cupcake baking, and a whole lot of basketball watching.

Speaking of basketball, I'm happy to report that with the Final Four approaching, my ESPN bracket is currently sitting pretty in the 98th percentile in the country.
The only trouble is my predicted winner didn't quite make it past the Elite Eight. (But come on, whose did?!) So I'll just relish in this moment for now and cheer on a few underdogs this weekend because really, who wants to see UConn win the national championship? Not I.

Oh, and in the meantime, I'll buckle down and sort through a few hundred Europe pictures to share some tidbits of Rome. Good deal?


  1. Yes please! Can't wait to see the beautiful places in the Meditterainean you went!

  2. Who would've predicted this year accurately?! I was watching the news, and they said out of 6,000,000 entries on ESPN, only 2 are 100% correct on the Final Four... crazy tourney this year! Oh well, it'll be fun to cheer on the Cinderella's...

  3. Vacations are fun but they always come with a catch-up and adjustment period. I'm excited to read all about your adventures in Rome.

  4. the tournament has been so crazy this year. i was really into it and then byu lost and i was sad so i kind of stopped watching. i'm excited for your rome pictures! we need to get to europe while we live on the east coast and its so close. i just have no idea where to visit or where to start! your blog posts about it would probably provide some guidance, i should surf through your archives for ideas....

  5. wow! You HAVE been busy! I think I'll go take a nap for you today! deal? hee hee. I need a nap...but I havn't been nearly as busy as you have!! I can't wait for the pictures to come from your rome trip!!! Hey, I loved this post. My fridge gets looking that way sometimes too. It's always fun stocking it back up though :) You and Matt are too much fun!!! love it!

  6. wow the fridge really was empty haha


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