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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Everybody loves Jimmer

The world of college basketball is in love with Jimmer Fredette. And rightfully so! After all, BYU's all-time leading scorer wasn't named the Sports Illustrated Player of the Year for no reason. BYU fans are particularly obsessed with Jimmer, and I'm pleased to announce that my Air Force Academy graduate is, too.

It warmed my heart to have Matt happily cheering on Jimmer and the Cougs in Denver last weekend. I was beyond jealous that Matt got to attend the first and second rounds of the NCAA Tournament in person, in Colorado, without me. My jealousy got even worse once Selection Sunday hit and we found out BYU would be there. However, this picture of Matt smiling so proudly next to a stretch Y helped heal the wound:
(You'll have to excuse his lack of BYU blue. Matt flew to Denver right after landing from
our Italy trip and the poor boy had no time to properly prepare for BYU fandom.)

The boys:
Random Jimmer groupies:

Ah, it's the most wonderful time of the year.
We are so excited to watch BYU in the Sweet 16 on Thursday! The last time BYU made it that far in the Big Dance, neither of us were alive, so it's kind of a big deal. Go Cougs!


  1. I don't follow sports at all but apparently this guy is a legend! Even Doug loves him (big cause he's not a BYU fan.) We've been having fun watching this at work....

    Teach me how to Jimmer!


  2. With so many BYU fans in my life it's difficult to not hear their excitement and adulation for the Jimmier.

    I wish you could have come to Colorado too. We are long overdue for a visit. =)


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