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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Coast to coast

Look who's going on his first flights today!

Where to, you ask?
We couldn't resist "surprising" our little guy with the big news. He's excited!

That's right, we're headed to Florida to spend Thanksgiving with my family at Disney World. Taking our two-month-old from coast to coast for his first trip? Seven hours on a plane? Brave, we know. But go big or go home, I say! And let me tell you, this is going to be one big party.

PS- Guess how much luggage one 11-pound baby needs? I'll give you a hint: Only 1.5 of these 6 bags are for his parents.


  1. Oh my gosh we are headed there today too!!! My parents are taking us there all next week as well. What a fun coincidence! We are sittiin an airport four now waiting to board our plane. :) maybe well see you there on Monday!!

  2. Oh my goodness, have so much fun:)

  3. So fun! Good luck! Please let me know how your flight goes because we are going coast to coast with Ms. Harper in march and I am so nervous!

  4. Have an awesome trip! I am already dreading packing our bags for Christmas with a 2.5 month old ... oh ya and a 20 hour drive haha.

  5. Oh my, soooo fun! Hope you guys have a wonderful, safe trip!! :) that video by the way is darling-- too funny! I love that you do cute surprises like that, even when he's so tiny.

  6. So cute! Aren't baby smiles the best? He is adorable Ash and I love the chub he is getting.


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