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Sunday, November 6, 2011

So nice to finally meet you

This had been a long time in the making. When we announced our pregnancy to my family at the beginning of the year, they immediately penciled in a trip to California over UEA weekend (Utah schools' fall break). Jake was six weeks old then, so it was perfect timing to play host to his seven youngest aunts and uncles. We had so much fun during their visit! Too much, in fact, for just one blog post, so I'm going to split it up into a post a day throughout this week.

My family pulled into our driveway at nearly 2 a.m. on a Thursday. (Jake and I were wide awake anyway, of course!) It was the best thing ever to see them all walk through the door to meet our sweet baby boy. Sharing Jake with people we love -- that really love him too -- has been one of my favorite things about this new stage in our lives.

Meeting Grandpa:
 Catching up with Grammie:
 Jake's littlest uncle, four-year-old Gabey Baby:
 Six-year-old Uncle Joshie's convincing impression of Jake's hungry cry:
Nine-year-old Kaleb (who got to meet Jake on his birthday!):
Uncle Matthew:
Aunt Coley:
Uncle Kiken (Christian):
Aunt Heidi:
This picture is actually from Heidi's first visit, but I love it so!

We were extra lucky that weekend, because just 12 hours earlier, the Chamberlains took a Jake detour on their way to Disneyland. They were the first members of Matt's family to meet our little guy, and it meant so much to me and Matt that they would go out of their way to make it happen. We only wish they could have stayed longer!

The whole clan -- Uncle Dave, Aunt Monica, and cousins Joseph, Joshua, Nelson, Hannah, Elizabeth, John and Samuel.


  1. That picture of Heidi is just the sweetest, so so sweet.

    Happy your family got to come:)

  2. You have such a beautiful family :) And I also love that pic of your sister so much. Also, I forgot to comment earlier but you were KILLING me with Jake in that football outfit. I died.

  3. What a gift to have so many wonderful people in your lives to surround your sweet boy with love!

  4. I love these pictures and isn't great to share something so wonderful with the whole fam.!!!


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