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Friday, January 6, 2012

California Christmas

Now that we're a family of three, we wanted to establish a tradition of celebrating Christmas at our own home before heading to Utah for the holidays. And I'm happy to report that our little California Christmas was a success.
Let's discuss the atmosphere first, shall we? Our decorations weren't much different than last years', so click here to see how our house decks out for the holidays.
The biggest addition to our holiday decor was our Christmas disco ball. My friend Kaley gifted us this ornament, which happened to coordinate well with our living room doorway's silvery leaves, so we hung it in the center. Then we stepped back and noticed that the glittery bottom made it look like a disco ball, and a new Christmas tradition was born. We spent the month of December dancing to holiday music under our Christmas disco ball and created lots of happy little memories along the way. Today, it's the last Christmas decoration standing because we loved it so. Mistletoe, scmistletoe. It's all about the disco ball at the Davis home.
Jake's favorite part of Christmas -- aside from the dancing, of course -- was all of the lights. That baby loves him some good Christmas lights. We laid him under the tree one night and he was enchanted.
Jake liked being under the tree a bit more than taking pictures in front of it. Why bother smiling for the camera when you could be eating things like hats and hands -- two at a time?
We managed to sneak a little grin out of him before breaking for snack time.
Then it was time for presents! We took a little video of Jake opening his first-ever Christmas present, which was a sweet little Christmas book in case you were wondering.
Lastly, we helped Jake make his first Christmas ornament. It turned out rather cute.
And then we took off for Utah and some even bigger celebrations!


  1. Jake is such a happy little guy. He has such a cute smile. It was fun to see and skate with you guys over new years!

  2. Jake is adorable under the tree, so mesmorized!! And I love that ornament! I forwarded it to a girlfriend of mine. :)

  3. I think every single one of my comments now a days is as follows.. "oh my heck, I just love Jake so much.." Not going to change comment forms today. He's so adorable.

    Happy belated Holidays:)

  4. Ahhh what face/eye makeup products do you use?! I can never get mine to look so pretty but still natural!

  5. I Love all your pictures! And seriously, gorgeous tree!!! Hope you had a very Merry Christmas! You have a beautiful family :)


  6. Loving the disco ball. :) Jakey is such a cute baby! And your decorations look so good!

  7. Cute little Jake will soon realize how blessed he is to be so adored by so many!
    Glad to see you starting and continuing so many wonderful traditions.
    Maybe we should add a disco ball ornament! Yea!

  8. Oh my word - he is getting big and is SO adorable! In that hat... to die for - so adorable! :)

    I'm glad things are great, Ash!

  9. Oh my good gracious. Those Santa hat pictures have to be the cutest things ever!

  10. It was so fun to meet baby Jake. He is such a good and happy baby. It was fun to get together with everyone over the holidays.


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