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Monday, January 16, 2012


One of my favorite Christmas traditions is making gingerbread houses with my family. We Grafs take our gingerbread houses very seriously and typically make an elaborate replica of our own home. It's quite the fun ordeal. This year, we mixed things up by creating a little vacation cottage instead. It turned out so charming that we're now wishing we had a real retreat just like it -- gumdrops and all.
As usual, our whole family -- cats and all -- was represented in cookie form. Below, my parents watch Heidi and the little boys as they ice skate in the back yard. In the side yards are April and Alex playing ring-around-the-rosies with Tasha, and Christian and Matthew having a snowball fight. Out front, Nicole and Jordan are (predictably) kissing under the mistletoe.
And then, of course, Matt and I are taking Jake on a walk through the snow.
I think it's our best edible creation yet.


  1. You guys sure are creative!!! I love your little Graf cottage! It's beautiful! :) And looks rather delicious!

  2. Jay and I made gingerbread houses with your family once...it was so fun! Your family sure doesn know how to have a good time making memories together!!

  3. oops!...I meant to say, "your family sure DOES know how to have a good time making memories together!!" (typing too fast!)

  4. I think you guys get the award for best gingerbread house I have ever seen in my life lol

  5. That thing is legit! And the gingerbread members of your family made me smile.


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