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Saturday, January 21, 2012


Look who rang in the New Year with us! Jake was fast asleep for the night, but Matt woke him up at 11:55 to make sure he wouldn't miss the big moment. (We're clearly very responsible parents.) It was a hit with our little guy!
Our NYE, as Gabey Baby would put it, was "cool, wame, cool." That's because we went from a Graf cousin party (cool), to setting up tables and chairs for Jake's blessing the next day (lame), to partying until 2 a.m. at my parents' home (cool). The cousin party, as always, was a blast. I'm convinced we have the best extended family in the world.
At the stroke of midnight, we blew into our noise makers, my brothers shot off confetti guns, and we made out in front of our baby. You know how it goes.
Then we headed outside for some newly-legal aerial fireworks. Ten points for Utah from the pyro-lover in me. Meanwhile, down the street, someone released dozens of Chinese lanterns, Tangled-style. It was a good show.
Inside, the celebration continued with sparkling cider and a dance party, of course.
Some of us didn't quite make it to that part.


  1. Tangled lights and fireworks is my kind of night.

    p.s. Super cute of Matt to make sure Jake did not miss out on the fun; I have a feeling that habit will bite you later on haha

  2. Jake is so photogenic! (just like his parents) :)


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