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Friday, December 2, 2011


November was a busy month for our little Jakey! He...

*Turned two months old:
*Celebrated three uncles' birthdays:
*Shopped 'till he dropped:
*Lounged around:
*Slept everywhere:
*Stretched and stretched (Jake takes this task rather seriously):
*Played with Mommy and Daddy:
*Hung out on Dad's lap during dinnertimes:
*Attended his cute ward baby shower (many thanks to our sweet ward!):
*Squeezed in a few swinging sessions:
*Met his Uncle Jordan (Nicole's fiance) ...
*And a few other important people (the Rozsas and Susie):
*Got in some quality skyping:

*And flew all the way across the country. And was a total gem about it, too. Jake alternated between sleeping, eating, and smiling the entire time. Throughout 14 hours of travel and four separate flights, he fussed for a total of maybe 90 seconds. All of his fellow passengers were very relieved impressed, as evidenced by the wary looks he received before the flight and all the praise he was given afterward. Funny how everyone in the airport loves your baby... until they realize he's on their flight.

Luckily for them, this is Jakey's favorite pastime:
He knows how to charm a crowd.


  1. I love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's the cutest little baby.

  2. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE him! I think it's time you and Matt go on a vacation and I will watch him. hahaha Okay maybe not yet. But still! He's my favorite little guy. I can't believe how much he has grown since I last saw him! I sure miss him!

  3. Oh, I love my nephew!!! He makes me laugh and smile, and miss him terribly- bring him home! :)

  4. He is SO cute!!

    He has AMAZING head control - teach me your ways! How much are you doing tummy time??

  5. He is precious! We should skype sometime soon.

  6. Jake skyping is criminally cute! I love it and I love this update.

  7. Madeline- We don't do any more official tummy time than usual, but we love to have him lie on our stomachs while we chat and play, so he gets lots of extra unofficial tummy time that way. That said, I think my baby was just born with a strong neck anyway -- even as a newborn, he didn't need very much support. Wish I could help more!

  8. Ali - Yes! We need a Skype date for sure. And a real-life date soon, too :)

  9. what a cute baby. I totally see Matt in him. He is so smiley and we're glad he made the trip to Florida nice-n-eazy. That is definitely a relief on the plane. Can't wait to meet little Jake soon.


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