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Monday, December 19, 2011

The first party of the season

My friend Kaley is basically my own personal Martha Stewart, if Martha loved Pottery Barn. She throws the most amazing parties. From the crafty invitations to the gorgeous decorations to the incredible food, not a single details is overlooked and I love it! Kaley always hosts a small Christmas dinner party on the first Saturday of December, and it's a lovely way to kick off the month. (Check out last year's!) This year, she made it a luncheon, but we were all having such a great time that we stayed until 8 p.m. That's how good her parties are.
Literally everything on the menu was delicious. Layered crespelle, smoked tri-tip, pears with cheese and fig jam, goat-cheese stuffed chicken, saffron risotto, bruschetta, homemade ciabatta bread ... it was all fantastic.
For dessert, we indulged in numerous trips to the hot chocolate bar. How cute was that idea?
Ah, and one of my favorite sights -- men in a kitchen.
Kaley had a babysitter come to the house to entertain Jake and Gabe while we ate and played games. It was nice to have some adult time without being away from my baby (I'm so not ready for that yet).
Jake wasn't sure what to think of the reindeer antlers.
And to top it all off, Duane and Kaley sent us home with a big basket full of Christmas goodies. Thanks again for the fun day, you two!

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