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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Christmas party

Remember my friend Kaley, the incredible party hostess? She and her husband Duane were at it again this month with a lovely fun little adult-only Christmas dinner. True to form, they went all out and had beautiful invitations, place settings, menus and decorations--not to mention delicious food! I totally neglected to take pictures of the table and dinner but if you imagine Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma getting together for a dinner party, you'll be pretty darn close. I did, however, take a few pictures of her beautifully decorated home.
After dinner, Kaley brought out her grandmother's gorgeous bone china to use for our dessert-y ebelskivers, which were accented by yummy spiced cider.
We all sat around and talked for awhile before switching to game mode with Pictionary Man, which is a fun combination of Pictionary and Charades. It was hilarious, and a few moments still make me laugh every time I think about them (the all-blue man, Jen?). The girls were fantastic at this game, as seen below when they correctly guessed my "Moses." See the tablets in his hands and the beard?
The boys were really cute to watch. They had to try a little harder than the girls :-)
In the end, we let them catch up a bit but still nearly doubled their score...
... and we found this utter domination hilarious.
But seriously, good times were had by all!
And if a lovely evening full of fun friends and yummy food wasn't enough, Kaley and Duane handed us these beautifully-wrapped presents on our way out the door. They're too sweet. We are so grateful to have such wonderful friends!


  1. Wow what pretty decorations in that house!!!!! Kaley is definately a wonderful hostess from what i could tell! Glad Girls won :) Hope you have a very merry christmas girl!

  2. gorgeous decorations! I've never played that game before with the little man! looks fun!

    have an amazing christmas girl!


  3. Gorgeous decorations...looks like a fun grown-up party!!

  4. You are so cute! How do you get those perfect action shots?? Like the one where you girls are all laughing and then the one a while back where you and Matt were watching a football game. I swear you must have a professional photographer with you everywhere to get all those classic pictures!!

  5. Oh my goodness...those decorations are amazing. Looks like such a great time. Perfect way to get in the holiday season!!

  6. Lauren--Haha, can you imagine how awesome it would be to have a professional photographer following you around whenever you wanted? I would have loved that on our honeymoon in Europe! Someone should turn that into a business--the honeymoon thing especially. It's really not a bad idea.

    But anyway, to answer your question ... Matt took the one of us laughing when we were supposed to be taking the smiley posed picture. We just hadn't caught our composure yet! And I can't think of exactly which other one you're talking about right now, since we watch so much football around here, but a lot of our candid shots have been taken by friends. So, friends are key :-). And, like I've said before, the 10-second timer is also a dear friend of ours.

  7. BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL!!! I hope you guys are having a fabulous Christmas!

  8. Oooh fun! Love pretty things and decorations and parties like this. And love laughing with friends! Good times!

  9. Beeeeautiful! Looks like a blast! Merry Christmas!

  10. Fun and gorgeous!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Matt!

    And keep the end of May free of out of town excursions. We are definitely headed your way.


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