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Friday, December 16, 2011

The last bit of Disney magic

We decided to spend our final Disney World night taking in the magic at the Magic Kingdom. Matt, Christian, Matthew and I sneaked over during my family's afternoon nap to get some pictures, Jake's silhouette, and fastpasses before catching the dancing lights at Hollywood Studios.
After watching lights at Hollywood Studios, we returned to the Magic Kingdom to see the sky light up behind the castle.
We then ate Disney churros (um, also better at Disneyland. Weird, right?) while we watched the castle change outfits countless times during The Magic, the Memories and You show.
Shortly thereafter, the electrical parade came rolling down the street.
Please love the above picture of Cinderella heading to her castle in a pumpkin. Anyway. Once all the shows were over, we caught a few last-minute rides and posed with the castle before heading down Main Street one last time.
Christian climbed the stairs in the train station for a final look at his domain. Seriously, he owns Disney World.  Thanksgiving is definitely a brave time to head to Orlando, and I know there are others who went at the exact same time we did that spent their visit in two+ hour lines and overwhelmed by crowds. But thanks to Christian's expertise, planning, and running across parks to secure fast passes for everyone, we were able to ride everything multiple times and never waited for more than twenty minutes. Crowds? What crowds? Thanks, Kiken. You made the vacation.
We boarded the ferry and were enjoying our ride to the parking lot when we noticed that 9-year-old Kaleb and 5-year-old Gabe were both silently crying. We asked Kaleb why and he responded, "It was just so wonderful!" They weren't whiny tears, but happy-because-we-loved-it-so-much-and-sort-of-sad-that-it's-over-now tears. How cute is that? We asked 6-year-old Josh if he was going to cry, too, and he laughed a hearty "No." Then, as we watched Disney World fade into the distance, our little jokester Joshie turned toward Kaleb and said:

"Don't worry, Kaleb. You're never going to see it again."

So sweet, right?
One final look at the second-happiest place on earth. Thanks for the memories, Mom and Dad!
Best early Christmas present ever.


  1. Hahaha! I'm laughing so hard right now due to Joshie's comment. haha I'm sure that put a stop to Kaleb's heartfelt tears. Your trip seriously looked amazing and your parents are so awesome for sending y'all there. And...one request. Can Christian come with us to DL next time? I'd really like that.

  2. Sounds like you guys had an amazing time! So much fun.

  3. Oh my gosh, those little ones crying with grattitude killed me.

    What kind sweet boys.. I don't think I would have cried at their age with sweetness. Uh, I know I wouldn't have.

    Who ever thought I would get teary eyed over a disneyworld post, not me, not me.

    You kinda should probably post Jakes profile/sillouete, right?

  4. The castle looked amazing! I'm glad you all had such a great time. I know your mom has talked about doing this for years. Christian could pay his way through college by being a Disney tour guide in the summers. We may have to take him along the next time we go!


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