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Monday, August 1, 2011

Spin-offs and show-offs

We spent the prime daylight hours of Matt's family reunion/vacation/namelessannualevent down at the lake, but the party kept going back at the cabin thanks to loads of fun activities and competitions.

*The men woke up with the sun for the annual family golf tournament. Matt teamed up with his dad and brought home the traveling gold trophy.
*The Minute to Win It spin-off was a definite hit. I successfully balanced dice on a popsicle stick and Matt emptied an entire Kleenex box with one hand in less than 60 seconds. We're obviously quite talented.
*We were lame and didn't create an entry for this year's Iron Chef competition, but Matt enjoyed baby-holding duties with Bridget while I sat on the judges panel with all the other in-laws.
*After Iron Chef was complete, the whole family indulged in cake and ice cream in honor of Clark's birthday.
*The backyard saw quite a few intense rounds of Lightning. Our nephew Jack hung in there with the uncles and won more rounds than anyone else.
*This year's talent show was both impressive and hilarious. My favorite act (other than Matt's last-minute singing entry per his parents' insistence, of course) was Spencer and Jacey's family "synchronized swimming" routine. Priceless, really.
*Let's pause the activity recap for a second just to point out how adorable our nieces are, shall we?
*The most fun activity had to be the family dance that my cute sister-in-law Laci put together. Thanks to a cheer warmup song and the Black Eyed Peas, It was slightly reminiscent of my high school days... minus the baby bump, of course.
*Fireworks weren't allowed in Garden City at the time, but sparklers aren't really fireworks, now are they? Ha. We sent the final night out in style with sparklers and glow sticks. Told you it was a party!
Next up: Boating! Followed by more summer fun, our baby shower and maternity pictures. There's always so much to blog about after a fun vacation!


  1. Yaay for bear lake! Your last post cracked me up :) At what point is it going to get awkward that every day you post of the trip we are still wearing our shirts. lol.
    P.S Thanks for the pause for anns :)
    PPS next time could you mention I won all my events ;)

  2. This is like Dan in Real Life!! Soo cute!! You guys have such a precious family! :)

  3. What an awesome family you have!! Looks like you guys had an amazing time :)

  4. Aw Ash this looks like so much fun! You're so blessed with an awesome family! And now I totally want to play iron chef with mine! Right up my ally haha!

  5. What a fun reunion..

    I think you should post a video of Matt singing, yes???

    Baby is coming soon:)

  6. I may have to steal your Iron Chef competition and make it my own. It sound hilarious and I know my husbands side of the family would really get into it.

  7. So I need to hear Matt sing, I am just realizing I have never had that opportunity. What a great family!

  8. HOW FUN!! I so miss Jacey & Spencer - you're so lucky to have them in your fam. Love your blog, btw - so cute.


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