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Friday, August 12, 2011

Cars and fire

Another summer staple? Outdoor movies, of course! We checked that item off our to-do list by heading to the Redwood Drive-in to see Cars 2. It was a fun venue for the cute, happy movie.
Another night found us outside again-- this time providing entertainment of our own with fireworks in the street. We played with sparklers and learned that it is next to impossible for little kids to stay still for long-exposure shots.
Thanks to Utah's new rather lenient fireworks laws, we then enjoyed an excellent private fireworks show from the comfort of the driveway. Hooray for playing with fire!


  1. I love how well you capture your life.

    Just reminding you baby boy is coming so very soon:)

  2. Hey Ash!! So I am in Colorado and was talking to my family and we realized that my Dad is in the bishopbric that your soon to be brother-in-law is in out here!!! Crazy connections!! And the Finks live right by us. You will have to ask your sister if they know the Lovejoy's.
    You look great and hope everything is going well!!

  3. You look amazing Ashley. And I think your firework pictures turned out pretty dang amazing! We need to coordinate our schedules so both of us will be in Utah at the same time. =)

  4. Ha! I'm pretty sure those last fireworks were from Wyoming. ;) Looks like you guys had fun!

  5. April- Aerials are legal in Utah now! New incentive to visit Utah in July. We bought those fireworks in the last pictures at the stand right by Kohlers. Go figure, eh? The fireworks in the second-to-last picture, on the other hand... haha.

    TK- We should definitely get in on that coordinating business.

    Em- No way! That's Matt's old singles ward. We love it there! I'll have to tell Coley. I'm so jealous you're visiting Colorado right now!

    Shaylynn- I know, right? His due date is in just four weeks! Here's hoping he decides to cook for that long :)

  6. oh my goodness that looks so FUN!

    I love all of the sparkler shots :D


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