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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Guess what?

A baby belly grows A LOT over a five-week period at the end of a pregnancy.
38+ weeks:

Aside from that revelation, there's actually not too much to update from the last five weeks (the time between our maternity pictures and now). We had previously filled our calendar with all sorts of fun things upon our return to SoCal but then had to lay low per doctor's orders. Luckily, laying low around here isn't so bad thanks to beautiful sunny weather and swimming pools!
The golf course on base has also provided quality entertainment. Matt has taken full advantage of twilight hour rates after work and I've tagged along, applauding his skills and doing super-exciting things like taking pictures of my toes and baby bump. Good times, eh?
Hooray for cheesy pictures! And for being able to see my toes... if I lean over just so :)
Thankfully, things are going well with the pregnancy these days. And since I'm full term now, we were even cleared to head out for a few dates this weekend and last. Other than that, we're just enjoying our time together as we wait for our little guy to arrive. He seems rather comfortable in there, though, so we don't really expect him to come very soon. But we're ready just in case!
Matt came home from attending a daddy class on base, hunted down our old teddy bears, and promptly showed off his new swaddling skills. See? Totally ready.


  1. You look awesome! So exciting that he can come anytime now - I am anxiously awaiting that day for myself :)

    Enjoy your remaining time as a twosome!

  2. yay... theres your baby belly! you still look awesome!

  3. You look great! How did you do that silhouette?

  4. You are precious. Beautiful and ready to go into labor any day. I am so jealous! I can't wait to see you in a few days!

  5. hahaha, I LOVED THIS POST! You look so pretty and not even like you are suffering from the prego-syndrome! Pregnancy is too easy for you! :) I loved all the pictures so much and they made me smile! Yes, you and Matt are DEFINATELY ready for your little guy to arrive!!! :)

  6. It will be so fun to finally have him here. We are all excited for you!

  7. Please bless that I can look as great as Ashley when I'm pregnant, amen.

    You look amazing! In that one where you're laying down I can't even see the bump!

    Sooooo excited for you. SO excited. Ahhhh!!!

  8. Matt's swaddling abilities is my favorite thing. He is going to be the best daddy!! Can't wait to hold that precious baby...... Love you all

  9. Love, love, LOVE your cute belly pictures! You are so adorable! I must agree that you have a talented husband - those teddy bears are never getting out of those blankets! Cute!

  10. Swaddling skills are so important. Matt is cruising into this roll of dad! When number 2, 3, and 4 come along you will be able to pass them around like a football they will be so well wrapped and comfy! tee hee
    My nurse with Justin taught us how to roll him up like a burrito and Kyle and Angie could just carry him around safe and sound! Love the pictures:)

  11. I LOVE the last baby pump picture! I'm glad everything is going well in the pregnancy :)

  12. I'm happy to hear that things are going smoothly for you. After seeing those teddy bears swaddled I can tell your totally ready to have a baby. =)


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