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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Our baby boy's shower

The highlight of our trip to Utah was definitely our baby shower. All of our family and friends in attendance made it feel so special. Matt and I are still amazed by -- and so grateful for -- everyone's kindness, generosity, and support.
We felt so loved.
And seriously, it was such an amazing shower. My family went above and beyond! The decorations were beautiful, the food was delicious, and the whole party was just plain fun.
There was a classic "shower" theme -- an umbrella on the invitation, clouds and raindrops above the food table, etc.
The food:
More decor:
Before the shower:
During the party:
After the festivities:
My mom and sisters; Liz and Isaac; Alicia and Brody.
My sweet grandma.
The Northern Graf ladies!
To help transition while people were finishing eating, Heidi and Christian made a little questionnaire movie of me and Matt. If you have a few minutes to kill, feel free to check out what we had to say about our little guy and this pregnancy. A few disclaimers: 1) They interviewed us on separate days so no, we don't actually wear matching outfits. 2) My siblings make me laugh, so just keep that in mind, yeah? 3) Yes, I do talk louder and longer than Matt. Or so I'm told. 4) If you'd like a little peak at how random the workings of my brain can be, skip to 2:50. (Be sure to remember point #2, though! You should have seen Christian's face behind the camera. Oh man.) A historic icon, a rapper, an old movie and scriptures, all in one answer? Yep. Got that covered.

Thank you, again, to all who came! We feel so lucky to have you as a part of our lives and can't wait to make you a part of our baby boy's life, too.


  1. You are most welcome

    p.s. love my nephew

  2. You look so cute! What a great memory you guys will have :)

  3. I just love you guys. So much. You look amazing and so does Matt. haha Miss you and love you! PS YOU ARE SO CLOSE TO HOLDING HIM!!!! EEEK!

  4. The baby shower looked so cute! And the video was adorable. Congrats Ashley! You're baby boy will be so lucky to have you guys as parents.

  5. ahh that looks like so much fun! Wish I had known about it, could have come dropped you guys off a gift (if it had happened when I was in town) Looks like great food and friends and decorations and everything! just all looks perfect. Cool vid, that was neat too!

  6. Aw ash! You two are so adorable and so in sync haha! I'm with caroline, I can't wait till you meet your baby boy and hold him! AGH!

  7. Your pictures of the shower are beautiful! The decorations were pretty and the food looked so yummy. And that video was so fun. You guys are so funny. :) Seeing you talking made me realize it has been forever since we've talked or hung out! I miss you!

  8. Fun Video. Your little Matt Junior will love this one day. If your baby comes on September 17 hopefully he arrives before 7 P.M. Utes are Goin' Down!

  9. That'd be the plan, Ry! Like 11:30 p.m. The game starts at 6 my time, so it'd be a nice distraction. We just need to get this little guy on board :) Go Cougs!

  10. it was such a fun shower! i love that video of you guys answering questions. it will be so fun to show your little boy one day. glad i could come and see you and your cute belly :)

  11. I feel bad I missed out on your shower. Does your family get tips from Martha Stewart??! By the way good luck doing anything during labor besides trying to break the rails on the bed! Maybe that's just my thing!:)

  12. Ash!! What a fun post of your awesome baby shower! We sure did have a blast there! You and Matt are adorable and are going to make such fun parents!! Can't wait to meet your little one!! Getting sooner!!...


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