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Friday, September 2, 2011

Funnel cakes and ferris wheels

Summer simply wouldn't be complete without delicious fried desserts enjoyed under the flashing lights of a local fair.
The Antelope Valley Fair is such a hit in our neck of the woods desert that people talk about it year-round. Matt and I were pleasantly surprised when it lived up to the hype last summer (hint: that link is full of all sorts of pretty fair pictures), and we enjoyed another nice date night there last Saturday.
We got to the fairgrounds in just enough time to catch some of the Rural Olympics, which included fantastically hick-ish events like hanging out of a moving vintage car's window to spear potatoes and "stealing" 25 bales of hay in less than two minute's time.
Then, we happily wandered around, enjoying the lights, sights and quality people-watching.
Of course, Skeeball was on our must-do list. Last year, I was the champion and won a cow to prove it. This year, Matt brought down the house and brought home a gator.
I blame my less-than-stellar performance on my lack of proper balance due to the bowling ball strapped to my stomach. :)
As it got darker, we set off in search of the best funnel cake stand. You'd better believe we found it!
Just when we thought funnel cakes couldn't get any better, we added strawberries and whipped cream -- and then died and went to sugar heaven. It was the best way to cap off our night!


  1. That looks like so much fun. We definitely don't have anything like this out here! We are missing out! You look amazing, seriously. I am just praying I will have the willpower to stay in such great shape when I'm pregnant. You're awesome for taking such great care of yourself, for baby davis's sake! Go you! ;)

  2. I am embarassed to admit I have never had funnel cake. Ever.

  3. Ash. Seriously. You get cuter and cuter every blog post!

  4. You are so completely adorable in your pregnant state. And it's perfectly acceptable to blame your ski ball loss on the extra weight your carrying!


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