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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The party continues

All the cool kids are born in September, obviously. Our month-long celebration continued with Matt's 28th birthday last week. Sadly, both Jake and I were sick that day so it didn't get to be the party that I had originally planned but Matt was such a trooper about it -- making his own cake and everything, poor guy. We'll make up for it. And hey, he still got spoiled in the present department so it must have been an alright birthday in the end. Golf gear, a brand new iPhone, and the cutest baby in the world. What more could a man want?
I loved being able to sing "Happy birthday, dear Daddy." It was one of those sweet little "We're really a family!" moments. Years ago, my sister asked Matt when he wanted kids and he responded that he really hoped it could happen before he turned 28. Jake made that dream come true with 13 days to spare. 
I'd planned on buying Matt an iPhone 4, but then the rumor mill reported a probable iPhone 5 unveiling in early October so I went with an I.O.U. underneath a golf shirt instead. Good thing I.O.U.s are completely acceptable gifts in our house!


  1. Happy Birthday Matt! You guys are so cute with your new baby. I love that Jake is in every picture. You look like such cute classic new parents - maybe a little tired, but so so happy. Love it! Can't wait for that phase of life! I'm sure you're rocking it.

  2. That's so sad you two were sick! I'm glad he had a great birthday, however! I love the IOU's! He gave you one, right? lol You guys rock! I can't wait to hold little Jake!

  3. Happy Birthday Matty-the-Matt! The cake looks sinfully delicious, you should make it for me, and show off your domestic talents in October, deal? Love you!

  4. Your little family is fantastic. I love that you're parents now! And happy birthday Matt!!!

  5. Hi Matt. Hi Ashley. Hope your having fun on your birthday. i'm so excited to see baby jake. It keeps on counting down until I see him. Congratulations. P.S. are you excited for general conference? P.P.S Tell me how you liked it. P.P.P.S By.

  6. awwwww....so awesome!!! Happy B-day to MATT!!!


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