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Monday, October 26, 2009

Saturday at the Rose Bowl

Matt's brother Spencer came to town on business just as we flew back into California (talk about good timing!). So, we met up in LA for a Saturday centered around football.

Because, well, we love football.
Our first stop was the Rose Bowl, where Oregon was taking on UCLA at noon.
We cheered for the Ducks and saw a few top-10 worthy plays, including the #2 play of the day right in our end zone. However, I must admit that after our awesome SEC experience, the Pac-10 was a little lacking! (Who knew?)
After the game, we fought traffic for a couple hours before finally making it from Pasadena to the ESPN Zone in Downtown Disney...
...where we got to watch BYU and Air Force play simultaneously, all while eating delicious burgers and an incredible dessert.
Ah, we love this place. And I think we made Spencer a believer, too.


  1. That BYU game was a sad one. We left early and decided that we probably won't try to go to the bowl game this year. Now that is some serious disappointment right there. Hey, but Air Force gave Utah a great game!

  2. OK - so this is so weird...I haven't really been checking my blog lately, so when I got your comment I almost freaked right out. You were at the Rose Bowl on Saturday for a game, I was there on Sunday night for the U2 concert. When I read that you were at the ESPN Zone on Saturday night - downtown Disney, I almost passed out. While I am not sure what time you were there, I was there (sort of ) as well. Around 6-7pm myself & my family were at Disneyland/California Adventure & my sister wanted to show me Downtown Disney since I had never seen it. We were walking in when I saw ESPN and said let's go in here...to which I was promptly pukked away..."if we let Aunt Debbie go in there we will never see her again" How weird would that have been to run into each other at the "Happiest Place on Earth" I was so bummed when I checked the blog, what a missed opportunity :( But all in all I think we both had AWESOME weekends! If you have time (BYU vs. AIR FORCE give me a call) C'ya

  3. P.S. Please excuse the spelling :)


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