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Friday, October 16, 2009

Visiting Virginia

Last week, Matt had a last-minute, 5-day-long business trip in Dallas for NASA.
At first, I was a bit jealous since I didn't get to go and we love Dallas
here, here, here and here).

Then I got the ingenious idea to go on a last-minute trip of my own--to Virginia, of course, because baby nieces are only newborns for so long. I would say that it worked out perfectly, but that would be a gross understatement.
April had to go back to school that week so I even got plenty of alone time with her sweet Tasha. Every night, I would tell Matt how perfect my day was and he'd ask what I did. "Cuddled with Tasha." And? "Nothing else." Except burping and changing a few diapers and wishing she was mine, all while hanging out with my awesome sister and her husband and being amazed by how naturally they've fallen into their parenting roles.
It was bliss.

Lexington is indescribably gorgeous with an unfair amount of history that deserves a whole visit to itself. I did manage to pull myself away from Tasha for a couple breathtaking runs (from the scenery, not the physical exertion) and also took a little driving tour with April the afternoon before I left. I picked out more than a few dream homes along the way, just in case Matt and I ever find ourselves in Virginia. Said tour also included a stop at this cute little ice cream parlor.
April definitely knows the way to my heart:
Ice cream and a beautiful baby girl. (Not in that order.) Thanks for supplying both, sis :-)


  1. Ohhh, I love babies! YOu must be baby hungry to hold her all day ;) On our honeymoon I bought girl clothes, Matt thought I was crazy but I just knew. I wanted to be a mommy that day haha! Darling photos and cute cardigan.

  2. Wow! Tasha is adorable! I'm so glad you got to go out and spend some time with them while she is still so little. I love cuddling with babies (especially my own). It will only get better with your own kids in the future! By the way - we would probably have a bidding war with the house. It is gorgeous! I almost started drooling! I think I was meant to live in the South - as lease in a southern home. ;)

  3. p.s. I was referring to the house on the right. LOVE IT!

  4. You and April are such cute sisters!! And that baby! So sweet! I remember going over to Kim's house here in Cedar when she had her first 2 babies (Kolbs and Kass)! I was in LOVE! I know exactly how you are feeling. There's nothing like being a MOMMY. It's so good to see April and to see you two spending some fun sister time together!

  5. Not a problem! I look much better now though! I didn't care when we were taking pictures, but hey, I should've dressed up a little. :)
    Thanks for visiting!!!

  6. You're naturally beautiful, sis. And you look AWESOME for just having a baby AND going back to work & school! Seriously so impressive. But if you feel the need to retake any pictures, I'm sure we can arrange for another visit... :-)

  7. Ash your pictures of tasha and april are amazing! What a gorgeous gorgeous baby girl and momma!! I was so happy to hear you were able to jet over to VA to be with them!! Looks like you had a fabulous time (and april, can i just say I love Tashas pink dress?!)


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