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Friday, October 30, 2009

Pretend for a minute that they never broke up.

Our wonderful new ward hosted its annual Trunk or Treat this week. With all our things in storage and two day's warning, we opted to work with what we had--blonde hair, a few basics, and the local Wal-mart and Ross.

Enter: Preppy Barbie and Ken!

We were, of course, operating on the assumption that our 6-year-old friends are still unaware of the big breakup.

We came prepared with the classic shoes...

heart-shaped candy holders filled with pink and purple candies...

and plenty of Barbie wrapping paper and hot pink accessories.

It was a great time and an excellent warm-up for the main event this weekend! As we speak, I'm headed to Utah (en route to Ohio) for some quality candy collecting with my munchkins. So, on that note,

Happy Halloween!

Hope your weekend is as entertaining as I know mine will be :-)


  1. Oh my gosh! That is HILARIOUS!! I love it! You guys are so cute and creative with everything you do!

  2. Super Creative! I love the shoes.

  3. You guys look so good!

    Also, if you're here this weekend, I think some playing-slash-spoon on nose tutorials are in order?

  4. Too cute! I hadn't heard of the big breakup. I will try to shelter my girls from it!


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