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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Baby Tasha

If you were babysitting Tasha, you'd take a million pictures of her, too.
(Can you believe those gorgeous deep blue eyes?)

(Sometimes she'll curl up in a cute little ball like this...)
(But mostly she likes to stretch out those long Graf legs.)

Anyone else feeling a little baby hungry these days?


  1. She's beautiful Ash. Isn't it funny how before you're married, having babies seems like forever away and now that you are it's like ohhhh I want one!

  2. She's soooo beautiful! And you are quite the photographer, these look great! Looking at these almost makes me baby hungry. Unlike Breezy, I have been married over two years and the thought of being responsible for the life of another human being still kind of terrifies me. But we're getting there. You're helping me along by tempting me with pictures as adorable as this. :) Great job!

  3. Goodness! This almost makes we want another baby. I just need to fly to Virginia and tend Tasha to get my baby fix. Maybe I can borrow a baby at church.

  4. Ohhhhhhhh!!!! i'm baby hungry with ya!!! So beautiful she is!!!

  5. Oh she is lovely! Did you take all those photos? You did a really amazing job. Yes, I am getting baby hungry too!! :)

  6. You never ever get rid of those baby hungry feelings! In fact they get more intense. That is why being a Grandma is so wonderful. What a beautiful baby and we are all so proud of Alex and April! They have alot on their plate, but Tasha just makes it all better!


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