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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mini-moon at Hotel Park City

Since we weren't leaving for our European honeymoon until a couple weeks after the wedding, we scheduled a little mini-honeymoon in Park City immediately following the big day.
Hotel Park City was beautiful, luxurious and relaxing, especially in the little cottage we had all to ourselves:
Our cottage had a gorgeous view of the mountains and resort's golf course. (I caught Matt looking longingly at the greens in the distance more than a few times.)
Although we mostly stayed in our cottage the whole time enjoying cuisine such as this,
we did manage to hit up the pool whenever the sun was shining
and splurged on Ruth's Chris our last night there.
Yes, the food is every bit as delicious as it looks!
We chose to eat at Ruth's Chris on our honeymoon since it's an upscale restaurant with locations all over the US--which means we can celebrate our anniversaries there as often as we please, starting with the one in LA next year! Or next week if I keep staring at the pictures of their food...


  1. Wow that place looks gorgeous! i've never been there but now it is definitely on my list!

  2. Yes, that place looks gorgeous!...and so do you!! You are such a striking couple! Hey, fun quick honeymoon huh! You have already had so many fun memories together!!

  3. That resort looks amazing! And you had your own little cottage, how perfect is that?! By the way, I am sooo glad you're going back and posting all this. I anxiously awaited these posts all summer and I thought they were never coming! I'm already excited for Europe pics. :)

  4. I have LOVED reading all the updates from everything that has happened over the last few months! I'm not going to lie...I cannot wait for pictures and stories from Europe! How amazing! Anyway, hope you're still loving 'bama (as I've heard it is pronounced). When do you go to CA?


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