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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Eating cows and caramel

I was craving chick flicks and caramel apples last Friday, so to even the score a bit we kicked off our date with some delicious (read: manly) steaks.

Then we went to work, melting caramel...
dipping apples...
using every last drop...
and enjoying the results.
(And the movie.)

It was fun.


  1. You guys are adorable. Ash I love your hair and outfit. You look fantastic!

  2. That's it. We have to go eat steak and make caramel apples. It just sounds sooooo good!! I'm starving!

  3. Oh yum! I always have a hard time eating caramel apples though...I think I'm afraid to plunge in because I always end up getting caramel all over my face!

  4. <3 ur outfit too! Mmmm caramel apples are sooo good. Your pix made me start craving them. Outback Steakhouse is SO GOOD. Only have ever eaten there 1x but it looks like its a place I'll have to go again. What a fun time!

  5. ok last time i tried to make those...they turned out like rocks. maybe you could try those home cooking magic in my house!

  6. Ash!! Yes, I do have a blog!! I'm relatively new to the blogging world, so you will have to give me some tips :) I figured this was a good way to keep in contact, since Japan is so far away. And so yes, I am singing and dancing at Tokyo Disney! It is truly an amazing experience and I am loving every second of it. What are you two up to? How is married life?


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