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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Our Wedding, Part IV: Backyard Reception in Brigham City

Matt's parents' backyard is a pretty significant place for the two of us.
After all, it's where we first met as litte kids at Dave & Monica's reception.
(Can you find Matt? He's right in front of the bride. My parents are to the right of the groom.)

Years later, it's where we first said "I love you," and not too long afterward,
where Matt proposed.
It was fitting, then, that our Brigham City reception was held there -- exactly 17 years to the day after that first serendipitous reception in the same backyard.
I don't think we can ever thank Dave & Monica enough for bringing us together. They sure started something! It's amazing to see how much the Davis family has grown in 17 years--from half of the group in the first picture to the entire picture below:
Remember how I (as a 4-year-old) thought Matt was good-looking back then? Holy cow, I don't think I could have ever survived that crush had I known just how handsome he'd become. My Matthew definitely grew up to be quite a looker.
Although, sometimes I wonder if we'll both ever really grow up.
And I'm okay with that.
In fact, I'd be perfectly content if things stayed just the way they are now.
Well, plus a few of these that are all our own.
But we're getting just a little ahead of ourselves there, now aren't we? :-)
PS-That would be Matt's big brother Nate and his awesome band, Lokalgrown, playing at our reception. His wife, Laci, is responsible for the beautiful Brigham City reception photos as well as our post-wedding groomals.
PS again-Aren't our nieces & nephews adorable?


  1. I agree your husband is very easy on the eyes. Love all the recaps from your receptions and the photos are all beautiful.

  2. You reception pics are so beautiful and you two make the most striking couple. You are so gorgeous and Matt is so handsome and it's all just so beautiful! ;) You're so cute together too ! Loved all these pics. You guys had a dream wedding, it was so beautiful from what I've seen in pictures.


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