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Sunday, October 11, 2009


After 4 weeks of tossing around the idea, we ASBC wives finally got up early one morning for a little muscadine-picking field trip to the Barber Berry Farm in Prattville.
The sweet little grandpa that runs the place showed us the different kinds of muscadines, taught us how to find the good ones, and invited us to eat as many as we liked along the way (yum!).
Oh, don't know what a muscadine is? Yeah, I didn't either.
They are a large Southern grape that is much loved by the locals. And us.
(But not our husbands.)

Muscadines taste great (especially the golden ones... what were those called?) but the real fun came in meandering through the picturesque vineyard and chatting with the other wives while trying to avoid the ant hills.

We had big ambitions to make pies and jams with our loot... until we realized we were all living in little studio apartments at an Air Force hotel. Right.

Well, at least picking them was fun :-)


  1. oh ash i know exacly how you feel cooped up in the teeny tiny apt. big dreams and just not enough room to accomplish much huh? just think... can't get any worse right? :) i feel for ya babe!

  2. The great thing about moving around for school and work is the amazing people you meet. I myself don't think any of it is by chance. Take advantage of these new buddies, who may become life long friends!


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