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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Boating in 'Bama

Let's begin by saying that our friend Leighton is a stud. He and Matt were buddies at the Academy and we lucked out by having ASBC at the same time. Leighton was smart enough to bring his boat along, and was nice enough to let us get it on the fun! The Alabama River runs right along Maxwell Air Force Base and therefore provided us with many hours of entertainment on September afternoons. Not to mention warm water and the most gorgeous scenery for our boating adventures.

And speaking of adventures and entertainment, Leighton provided PLENTY:

(This video was taken on what he called an "off day." If my off days were anything like that...)

The other boys on the boat were quite impressive themselves, including my husband who hadn't wakeboarded in 4 years!

Not bad, right? Matt was even thisclose to landing a backflip. Needless to say, I felt a little out of place among all of the wake-jumping, expert slalom-skiing, trick-throwing boys... me being a one trick pony and all (aside from getting & staying up, of course):
Yep, the classic one hander... which requires little or no actual skill. So, I decided to work on my skills a bit--beginning with turning left. Just like my ol' pal Derek Zoolander, I was cursed with an inability to turn left! Without fail, the second I got up, I began to veer right and couldn't stop the drift. Any subsequent wake crossing was entirely coincidental. Observe me on the right side of the wake (and be assured that every other picture looks exactly the same):
I am pleased to announce that I came up clutch on our last outing as the concept of steering with my hips finally kicked in gear. I am now an ambiturner. Hooray!
And as for those fancier tricks? There's always next year.


  1. That looks like so much fun! That must be so nice to have a friend down there from the beginning. It's great hearing about all your adventures. Keep it up!


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