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Friday, October 23, 2009

One last look at Montgomery

Before leaving Alabama, we spent one last afternoon sightseeing in historic Montgomery.

A few highlights:
The first White House of the Confederacy:
Alabama's capitol: Veteran's memorial at the capitol:
Court Square:
A fountain stands where the slave trade once did, with the capitol in the background. This square was also along the route of numerous marches in the Civil War and later, the Civil Rights movement.

The Greyhound Station where the Freedom Ride came to an end:
Beautiful homes in the Cloverdale area:
Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald's home:

And one last look at the city while driving away at 5:00 a.m.:
We had a wonderful time and made such great friends during our stay in Alabama. I don't think we'll ever think of the song "Sweet Home Alabama" the same way ever again!


  1. Yay for blog friends! I'm lovin all your posts! You are turning into Angie...you post so much I can't keep up...I love it! I love the beautiful houses in Alabama! That is my type of dream home. The pictures you took of Tash are amazing. She is a cutie, no doubt. That is awesome you got to fly out and see her. I would love to go visit those 2, now 3, crazy kids! Enjoy the homelessness...

  2. you and matt have been all over the globe your first few months of marriage! im jealous you get to travel all over. it looks so fun! the homes there are so beautiful!

  3. I agree with sarah, I have to admit that I am a bit jealous! But really, How exciting! You and matt have done so much together! Looks like tons of fun! And ps. I love reading your blog, never a dull moment!

  4. Such beautiful pictures! Those homes are like, the classic American dream home you see in the movies. I love it.


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