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Monday, August 19, 2013

Before Summer

You may have noticed my crazy onslaught of 19 (nineteen!) catch-up posts over the last couple weeks. One of my new friends hopped on my blog and teased that it looked like we were still living in Southern California. Clearly, I've failed at blogging about our regular, every day life over the past few months. (Okay, maybe this entire year.) (What can I say? I was pregnant.) I was determined to document that time in our lives before I started posting about this new chapter, and I am thrilled that I am done (well, minus the anniversary post but whatever)! This means that Summer's birth story is coming up next!!!

In the meantime, here's what you may have missed:

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The Rest

And here is a glimpse of the last few days before our baby girl joined the family. Since Jake was early, we were prepared for that just in case, but she actually ended up showing up a day late. People kept asking if I was so done being pregnant, and the answer was really no -- I was happy with my life just the way it was, and she would come when she was ready! As excited as we were to meet her, we were totally fine with hanging out with our little guy while she stayed in as long as she needed to. Luckily for us, Matt got a four-day weekend right before she arrived, so we had lots of quality, relaxed family-of-three time right before becoming a family of four. I couldn't have planned it any better even if I tried.
No worries, his weight was always on my side, not my actual belly :)
Helping Daddy out in the yard.
Bedtime stories are always the best.
Because where else would you rest your feet during a diaper change?
Typically, he drove his little cars on my belly. That day, it was the big dump truck.
89% of the phone pictures of this child are blurry. He is always on the move!
Drinking the bath water ...
There's no frog better than a Jakey Frog.
Ah, the ever-attractive Gabrialla Band. I love that it let me run through my entire pregnancy! This picture was taken at 39 weeks, 6 days after a 2-mile run.
Our little trip to the zoo! That blog post is here.
The torrential downpours kept us inside most of the time, so plans for boating and the like had to be canceled. Good thing ol' Dusty lives in our basement!
Cereal can sure get messy sometimes ... but isn't he cute?
Baby Girl's due date! 40 weeks exactly.
40-week bellies make excellent toddler pillows.
Cuddles and stories to start the day.
Eating breakfast in "my widdle cah!"
Our last little walk!


  1. Hey, I think I recognize Dusty! Best toy ever!

  2. I have loved getting sneaks at the past year.

    But simply can't wait to read and see a bit more Summer. :)


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