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Wednesday, July 3, 2013


A few snapshots from June...
Fast like his daddy! Jake sprints as often as possible.
Jake found his shadow!
He loves that bear.
Playing the "get you" game with Mommy.
Cheering for himself after making a basket.
Ah, transferring the homemade Kneaders syrup from the pot to the cup and everywhere in between. A fun mess.
He has mastered the tippy toe in order to get his ice.

Tossing "wocks" and sticks in the creek with Aunt Heidi.
Boys in uniform...
Jake took this picture of the mess he had just made haha.
Oh, the concentration.
"Driving" with Daddy.
He's just cute and stuff.
Baby bed head.
One of Matt's early morning bike rides. So pretty!
Matt took this on his bike ride at Antelope Island. All I can think about when I see it is bison burgers. Yum!
Waiting for the walk...
He's a multitasker.
Baby bump on the elliptical at 38 weeks.
Sword fight on the trampoline with the "boys!"
Sticky mac-n-cheese cheeks.
Climbing on the baseball bleachers.
Walking with Daddy.
Riding in style.
Water balloon volleyball with the YW -- it lasted about 3 minutes before it turned into a big fun water fight.
Hiking with the Young Women at 38.5 weeks.
Our first load of pinks.
Jakey loves his walks!
A little FHE treat.
Bedtime stories.
Jake is the vacuum dictator.
He likes the caterpillar.
39 weeks on June 30!

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