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Friday, July 5, 2013

Wasatch Back Ragnar

I've wanted to do a Ragnar since basically the beginning of Ragnars, but it's harder to get 12 runners together than one might think! This year, the whole difficulty-filling-a-team thing worked out in our favor. My cousins' team lost a couple runners last minute, so Matt got to step in! I volunteered, too, but Matt wouldn't let me do it... something about being almost 38 weeks pregnant and giving birth on a random trail. Ha. (Nevermind the fact that cars are basically the worst in late pregnancy and 30 hours in one sounded horrible.) Maybe next year. Anyway...

Matt killed it on his legs! He was runner #3, which meant his first leg was a hard 6.7 miles, his second leg was a moderate 4.9 miles, and his final leg was a hard 7.5 miles for a total of 19.1 miles. Matt ran a 7 minute split on the first leg, a 6:40 split on the second, and a 7:10 on the third. Basically, he is amazing. And his team was awesome, too (I know I'm biased since half of them share my blood, but it's true!). He had so much fun. Go Joggernauts! Check out my cousin Angie's fun video recap here.
PS- All the fancy camera pictures were taken by Ang. I told Matt to make sure he took some pictures with his phone along the way, and he took three -- one of which was a row of porta-potties. Men.

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