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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Baby Animal Days

Every May, Utah State University hosts a Baby Animal Days in a nearby town. Jake is into all things fluffy these days, so we made sure to stop by (napless child, pregnancy nausea -- that made me throw up right afterward -- and all) (despite being in the third trimester) (story of my pregnant life) (but I digress).

First, we went to the petting zoo area where we got to hold baby chicks, ducklings, and little rabbits at the petting zoo. Then we wandered through the pens of lambs, kids, foals, calves, and the like. So fluffy, so cute! Seeing and smelling lambs always brings back lots of memories from that one time I raised a lamb for 4-H. His name was Shadow. But back to this story... The highlight of Baby Animal Days was Jake's first horse ride. It was a beautiful horse and Jake got a kick out of it. My guess is that he'll like it even more next year -- we're definitely heading back!

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