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Sunday, May 12, 2013


You can't just take a fishie- and animal-loving toddler to San Diego without making a stop at SeaWorld, right? Luckily for us, SeaWorld is kind enough to let military members and their families in free once a year, so spending a day with Shamu and friends was a no-brainer.

Jake got a kick out of seeing the killer whales, dolphins, turtles, sharks, etc. -- he was saying "Wow!" all day long -- but if we're being honest, his favorite parts of the day were probably the duckies that visited our table during lunch, climbing up and down the bleachers, and the splashing that took place in Shamu Stadium (we sat way down in the splash zone and were miraculously spared). Jake even liked that Shamu splashing business so much that he took a few pictures to commemorate the event.
A baby killer whale!
He has a camera and he knows how to use it.

Very cute (Matt, that is)
Aaaand not really cute at all. You have to wonder what God was thinking when he created the walrus.
I've loved beluga whales for a long, long time. Sing it with me: "Baby beluga in the deep blue sea..."
SeaWorld is located in such a beautiful setting.
Dolphins are clearly the best.

(PS- Here's a post about when we went to SeaWorld with my family in 2010. Pre-baby days sometimes seem like they are a lifetime ago.)


  1. We just went to SeaWorld too - on Mother's Day. We had such a great time. Great pictures!!

  2. SeaWorld looks like fun. I've never been before!


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