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Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Can we talk about last week for a few minutes? Because it was crazy.

On Sunday night (April 28th), we were driving back from our 9-day vacation when Jake came down with the stomach flu and a fever. Luckily, the throwing up episodes happened while we were picking up Matt's bike from Talon & Carolyn's house in Vegas. Unluckily, that meant we still had seven hours left on our drive. We spent a couple extra hours in Vegas to cuddle and comfort our poor baby before hitting the road. It was a rough drive, and we finally pulled into our garage, exhausted, at 4 a.m. To help comfort Jake, I'd sat next to him in the very cramped backseat for those final seven hours, and to avoid upsetting him, I stayed in the car during our gas stops. That didn't agree with my rather-pregnant body. By the time we got home, I was so insanely swollen that my ankles had disappeared entirely and it hurt to move. That was a new experience for me for sure.
My poor, sweet baby resting with his daddy after round one of throwing up.
My shirt after round one (the floor obviously got 95% of it). It's amazing that when you're a mommy, being thrown up on doesn't even phase you -- you just want to love that sick little baby. Which is how I got thrown up on the second time, too :)
The next couple days were spent cuddling a sick toddler and just recovering in general. Then, on Thursday afternoon, Carolyn informed me that she was having consistent contractions 7-10 minutes apart. Obviously not active labor yet, but with her first baby, she had contractions like that all night and it turned into the real deal the following morning. So when the contractions were still coming six hours later, I kissed my boys goodbye and hit the road at 9 p.m., driving alone through the middle of the night to hopefully be there for the birth. By the time I arrived almost seven hours later, the contractions were still coming consistently but hadn't progressed. Talon had to leave for work in an hour, so I climbed into bed with Carolyn and we had a little slumber party.

The next morning, the consistent contractions had gone away and we realized I might just be there for a weekend of play rather than the birth of their baby. We spent the next few days just hanging out, shopping, and enjoying some quality girl time. It was so nice and relaxing! Carolyn's sweet mom spoiled us a bit, her two-year-old daughter Emery kept us fully entertained, and Talon somehow tolerated a house full of girls all weekend. Carolyn continued to have contractions 7-10 minutes apart for a few hours at a time on and off, but they never turned into anything.
Meanwhile, Matt was holding down the fort back home, taking care of Jake, hosting friends and family and somehow finding places for nine (!) people to sleep. My sister Heidi was a huge help, too. Since Matt had to work on Monday and there were no signs of labor after church on Sunday, I started the long drive home with a plan to hop on the first flight to Vegas when the baby really decided to come. Forty minutes down the road, my bumper found itself dragging on the ground and my pregnant little self was stranded on the side of the freeway. My friends came to the rescue with duct tape, and as Talon was reattaching the bumper, Carolyn and I joked it was a sign that I should stay. But with my own baby waiting at home (I'd never been away from him for more than 20 hours, and even then, only twice!), I couldn't camp out indefinitely so we decided I should indeed drive home.
I got home around 11 p.m. and was greeted by the sweetest handmade sign decorated by Jake and a fresh bouquet of tulips from Matt. I missed my boys! So much so that I (quite responsibly) woke Jake up just to cuddle with me. He beamed and said "Mommy!" and then clung and cuddled and read books quite happily for a good long while.
Here comes the craziest part. That broken bumper? Probably a sign. After three whole days of fruitlessly camping out for a birth, just three hours after I arrived at my home, baby Ella arrived at theirs -- quite literally! The real labor came on and progressed so fast that she was born on their bedroom floor. Carolyn was amazing and Talon delivered the baby with 911 on the phone and an ambulance on the way. Both mom and baby are perfectly healthy. (I credit Carolyn's dedication to a healthy pregnancy, preparation for natural childbirth {granted, the plan included a hospital}, and most importantly, lots of blessings from heaven for that calm and safe emergency delivery.) It kills me that I wasn't there to help and that I don't get to cuddle that sweet baby girl, but in the end, I'm just so thrilled that beautiful Ella has finally arrived safe and sound and that my dear friends are so happy.
Aren't they both just beautiful?
And that was our crazy week.


  1. Wow that is crazy! Glad that both mom and daughter are doing well.

  2. Oh my gosh! That is nuts!! If she has a blog and posts her birth story, I definitely want to read it!

    1. She has a blog but rarely blogs (much to my chagrin). I'll do my best to make her blog about this one, though!

  3. Ashley I just found your blog on Pinterest of all places and love your writing style! If I may ask something, I love the blue paint in your living room in your old house. I am in the process of picking colors for my house. Keep writing!

    1. Oh, thanks! You're so sweet. I'm 99% sure it was Sea Spray by Glidden. It was a bit bolder than I had anticipated, but in the end, we loved it.

  4. I forgot to ask if you remember the name of the paint! Thank you and no worries if you can't.

  5. What a lovely birth story to re-tell :) I hope little man is feeling better.


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