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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Jake's new girlfriend

Day 2 of this laid-back Disney trip found us mostly in Disneyland. We're usually huge back-and-forth park hoppers, but found it was kind of nice to mostly stick to one park for each day this time around. That said, we did find ourselves back in California Adventure for Ghiradelli Ice Cream, more Wilderness Explorer action, and Soarin' over California. And since we knew our first day would be less crowded than our second, we'd actually started the whole visit off in Disneyland at Fantasy Faire.
Fantasy Faire is the new princess central at Disneyland, located right next to the castle. It is adorable and so well done, of course. The crown jewel is the Royal Hall, where you get to wait in just one line to meet three princesses at a time (they rotate, so just ask a castmember when your favorite princess will be there). Since I'm a fan of all things Disney and the way they do things, I just wanted to see how Fantasy Faire -- including the Royal Hall -- had come together. This meant we had to stand in a short line to meet the princesses. Matt pointed out that Jake was the only boy in said line, to which I responded that we were obviously not there for him (haha), but if Jake wanted to make some girlfriends, that was fine with me.

It turns out, Jake was all about making girlfriends. Well, one in particular. Let's just say we now know that Jake has a thing for pretty girls with long blonde hair. See, we met Cinderella first and Jake liked her just fine. She's blonde obviously but her hair was in a bun, so you know, hard to tell for a little guy. Then we saw Ariel, who was so dang sweet with Jake. He should have loved her! But he was kind of like, meh. Then, we walked into the final room and saw Sleeping Beauty and I swear to you, that little baby jaw dropped. She was a really beautiful princess (perfect Aurora, actually) with her long blonde hair curled all nice and pretty, and Jake was seriously smitten by her. He got all bashful and smiley and whatnot and we were quite entertained. We now know to expect a blonde daughter-in-law in fifty years. Outside the Royal Hall, Jake played with the medieval-style Hunchback-themed music box forever and was sad when we had to pry him from it because other kids finally came along and wanted turns.

Jake's favorite Disneyland ride this time was the train. He LOVED it (as long as he got his own seat, naturally). And it was awesome because he hadn't eaten his lunch yet, so I just handed him his little sandwich bag with cut up pieces of PB&J, and he ate the entire thing as we went around the park. Just munched on it as he looked out, like it was popcorn at a movie theater. Too bad I don't have a train at my house every day! Jake was also way intrigued by Small World. We went on a bunch of Fantasyland rides that afternoon, and then Coley and Jordan joined us for Soarin' (yay for baby swaps!), Pirates and Fantasmic. Jake passed out at the end of the show, so we snuck in a Buzz Lightyear competition before ending the day with churros. It was great.

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