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Sunday, May 26, 2013


We have lots of construction going on around our home, which is awfully entertaining for a certain little boy I know. He watches the "tucks" and "tacters" from the window throughout the day and always points them out whenever we are outside. The other day, we were headed out for a run while a tractor was digging a hole next door. So we stopped to watch for awhile, naturally. The tractor operator noticed Jake watching and pointing, and turned the tractor off. "Would he like to climb in?" the operator asked me. Um, yes! How sweet was that of him?? So Jake and I hopped inside that tractor and checked it out for a couple minutes and Jake thought it was the coolest. He, of course, cried when it was time to get out, but then he talked excitedly about the tacter for the whole rest of the day. Now, whenever we see that nice tractor man, we always stop, smile and wave.

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