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Monday, May 13, 2013


We spent our second day in San Diego simply relaxing on Coronado. The Navy recently (re)built a beautiful resort just north of the famous Hotel Del Coronado -- literally right next door. This meant we got to stay in an ocean view balcony room with the same Pacific views and golden beaches as the Hotel Del for mere pennies, comparatively. Not a bad perk to military life! For our day of relaxation, we slept in, went for a family run, played at the beach, took naps, clocked some serious beach-front playground time, and ate every meal on our balcony while watching waves crash on the shore. Oh, it was the most lovely of days.
Almost 30 weeks -- compared to 30 weeks with Jake at Huntington Beach, here. Oh, to be tan again!
Jake got a kick out of standing out on the balcony and making friends with all of the passersby.

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  1. We haven't been down to the Lodge since they re-built it, but when we first moved to Coronado that's where we stayed for about 2 weeks while we looked for an apartment! It looks so beautiful since they rebuilt! What a fun little break away from life!


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