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Monday, July 11, 2011

A beachy weekend

What good would a 4-day weekend be without some quality time at the beach? Matt and I welcomed the first two days of July by soaking up some rays and playing in the water at two of our favorite SoCal beaches. It was heavenly! We spent all day Friday at Huntington Beach with our SoCal family, the Rozsas. A good amount of football, frisbee, boogie boarding, and plain ol' relaxing was involved.
Then, on Saturday, we spent the day with visiting family members--Matt's little brother Andy, his wife Kristen, and her brother Bucky--down in Laguna at Crescent Bay. It was the most crowded our secluded little beach has ever been, but that was expected with the holiday weekend and ideal beach weather (a perfect 80-degrees on the coast!).
The football saw plenty of action once again as did the aerobie, which was miraculously recovered after being lost at sea twice.
Thanks to some fantastic waves, the boogie boards were the highlight of the day for the boys. My pregnant self enjoyed the sand with Kristen and took way too many action shots.
When the boys needed a break, we took a walk down the beach to explore the tidepools and enjoy the view of the coastline.
I now officially need "help" when climbing over loose rocks. Pregnancy makes you rather clumsy!
After a long day in the sun, we were ready for food! We grabbed dinner and capped off the day in the best way--with Sprinkles Cupcakes. 


  1. How fun! I am ready for you to have this little boy fyi:)

  2. you look great!!! :) love that first photo of you.
    what a fun weekend...multiple days at the beach, nothing is better than that!! :)

  3. You are seriously the cutest pregnant girl! I hope I carry my babies the way you do. You look amazing. And I had to comment about Sprinkles, ever since they opened in New York I have been seriously addicted to them. So your day looked all around awesome to me! :)

  4. great pics! looks like a fun time at the beaches that you went to. I wanted to go to Huntington beach when we were down there for the 4th of July in that area but we ended up at Venice Beach instead. Quite the experience. LOVE Sprinkles Cupcakes. Sad there is not one in Utah. But I did go to the location in AZ a few times when I lived there.

  5. Love all your red cheeks in the last photo. Those are the best days!! It's our turn for a trip now :)

  6. this day was so much fun! thanks again! especially for introducing us to sprinkles... :)

  7. I love that your belly is really showing!

    Being preggers in the summer is an adventure - SO jealous that you get the beach! :)

  8. You are totally precious! The beach looks like heaven right now. You are absolutely glowing while pregnant. So precious!


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