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Saturday, June 1, 2013


A few snapshots from May...
I got to talk to Kiken on his way to Korea!!!
Finally! Flowers on our tree.
Block party!
Jake helped with baby prep.
Dinner with old Academy friends!!!


  1. I love the colour of paint on your walls! We're looking to paint our hallway this colour, what make of paint and shade is this? I've been through so many samples but can't find the right one yet :)

    1. It's Seattle by Kwal. We love it! Light enough to feel nice and airy, dark enough for a nice, crisp contrast with our moldings, cabinets, etc. It's a great neutral :)

    2. It looks great, I don't think we have that make of paint in England so I'll have to try and get one close to it :). Your little family is so beautiful! My niece just started serving in the SLC mission, are you in that mission area? It would be cool if she ended up in your ward :)


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