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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Family of Three

Last summer, on the evening before moving away from California, we took family pictures on our favorite beach. I can't even begin to tell you how grateful I am that we made time to capture our little family at that stage in our lives. Such happy memories! I never shared the pictures because of the great technology crash of Fall 2012, but wanted to share them now before we add another member to our family. I about died going through them again and seeing how much Jake has changed. He is such a big boy now!

Naturally, a few things went wrong that day, like Matt realizing as we were getting dressed right before walking out the door that his pants had been packed and sent to Utah and he only had non-matching shorts with him. So we had to run into a Macy's on the way there to buy pants, which put us just behind enough to hit traffic. Also, my bad hair day. And then where did the sun go? Plus, we thought taking pictures at the beach would be perfect for Jake since he loves the beach so much. However, we didn't take into account the fact that he loves playing at the beach, and more specifically in the water -- not being held and kept dry for pictures. Having Uncle Jordan and Aunt Coley along for the party helped a ton, and our photographer Jylare was wonderful. And in the end, it all worked out and we got beautiful pictures and once those were done, Jake still got to chase some birds and play in the water. And what better way to spend our final night than spending quality time together at our favorite beach? It was lovely.
We have this one on a big canvas in our family room and it makes me happy every day.
Look at that baby grin!!! It kills me.
I took this last one of Jake as the sun went down. My happy place? Right there.


  1. All of your pictures are beautiful, but that last one with the clouds and the water and the sand makes me want to be there right now!

  2. What stunning pictures of a stunning family!

  3. Oh my! Jake has changed so much...he is so big now! Beautiful photos of a beautiful family. So excited for your new addition!


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