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Monday, June 17, 2013

Matt in the movies -- Man of Steel

Once upon a time -- seriously, it was over a year ago -- Matt was selected to be an extra in the new Superman movie, Man of Steel. He spent a week arming up in full battle gear with an M-16, eating yummy food, and chumming it up with the cast and crew as they shot the big desert scene at Edwards. (Superman and Lois worked on shooting up close during everyone else's downtime, though, so no, Matt didn't get to meet Henry Cavill ... although he did comment on how crazy ripped he was almost every day haha.) 

We've, therefore, been waiting to see this movie for quite awhile and were super excited to see it last weekend. We even spotted Matt's back during the desert scene ;) You know in Monster's Inc., how Mike Wazowski is way pumped about seeing his feet in the commercial? Man of Steel was just kind of cool for Matt to be a part of, especially since it turned out to be such an awesome movie (super-long ending fight scenes aside). Matt said it was awesome to see everything that goes into the process of filming just one scene.

We doubled with our next-door neighbors and capped the night off with s'mores in the backyard until 2:30 a.m. and it was a great little date night. And now that the movie is out, we can finally share a few shots from filming way-back-when. Hooray!

Matt's friend took this video and it won't let me trim it, but it's just a little clip of one of the helicopters that had been flying around to get the aerial shots.


  1. What an awesome experience! I think I would be super stoked to have my back in a movie that big, hahaha!

  2. I saw Man of Steel on Thursday. It was a great movie! That's way cool that your husband got to be an extra. Did they pick airmen to be in the movie or did the airmen sign up?

  3. That's pretty cool! But I gotta admit that seeing Matt in ACUs is.... different. COME JOIN THE DARK SIDE OF THE FORCE!!! You guys (AF) left us but we'll take some of you back. We even get a little air conditioning (sometimes) now. ;)



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