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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pink Party! {Baby Girl's Shower}

The Graf ladies threw a "Pink Party" in honor of baby girl a couple weeks ago and it was the best kind of baby shower ever.

Since she's my second baby, they steered away from the typical, big baby shower concept and came up with an adorable girl's night idea instead. Our Pink Party consisted of lots and lots of pink, obviously -- pink clothes, pink flowers, pink dessert, pink candy, pink drinks, you name it. We chatted non-stop, ate yummy treats, made headbands for baby girl, and then cuddled up on the couch for the ultimate baby-themed chick flick: Father of the Bride Part II. Everyone spoiled us with the sweetest gifts and made the cutest little headbands to play dress-up with. (Thanks so much to all of you!!! And an extra large thanks to Heidi for being the brains behind the operation. She is the best sister/aunt.) It was so much fun just hanging out with my aunts and cousins all night, and it was really special to share the excitement of our baby girl's impending arrival with them. 

Pink parties are definitely the way to go.
Look, Kim and Lis! I figured out how to change your shirts! Haha. 


  1. Your picture made my cupcakes look like they'd been done by a pro! It was a fun night and we can't want to meet the baby!

  2. Your blog is absolutely adorable! You have a beautiful family and congrats on the new addition :)

    I actually have a question for you..I'm no blog expert so I'm slowly learning my ways and I would like to know how you were able to add the images along with the link on the left hand side of you profile. (The Wedding, 1st year, 2nd yr) It's a great way to highlight the special moments and I would love to do that on my blog. Any feedback on your end would be appreciated.

    Thank you



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