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Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Beach in the Mountains

We sure are missing the beach these days. And weeks. And months. ... Luckily, there is a cute little "beach" just blocks from my parents' house. And really, how awesome is that? We love it. Last fall, we took paddle boards out on the water, and as soon as the weather was warm enough in May, we headed back to play in the sand. It was the best kind of way to spend a warm sunny day.

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  1. Hello Beautiful! Life looks so pleasant and peaceful for you, I'm so happy for your family!
    Quick question. I am pregnant with #4 (shhh haven't announced it yet:) and I have been running about 3 miles daily. I know you ran clean up until you delivered and wanted to know how that was for your pregnancy.
    How far did you run usually? As far as running with a giant bump (although yours was tinsy) did it cause too much pressure or anything? I know your super busy mama so if you get some time I'd love to hear back!


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