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Friday, April 5, 2013

Playing at the park

March came and brought with it semi-tolerable weather, so we decided enough was enough of this cooped-up winter business -- we were heading to the park! We bundled Jake up in the jogging stroller and went on a little 3-mile round-trip run to a nearby park for some play ... only to discover a muddy mess of a playground when we arrived. But two weeks later, we were in business! Jake and I started going to the park nearly every day. It's made for some very happy afternoons with a very happy toddler :)
Checking out the baseball fields.
We were just walking along the sidewalk when suddenly, Jake stopped and laid on the ground to soak up some Vitamin D. He is definitely my child.
This was the sweetest. After going down the slide a few times himself, Jake stood by the side and helped his bear go down the slide. At the bottom, Jake cheered for Bear and gave it a kiss.

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