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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter Sunday

Our Easter Sunday began in the best possible way. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and Jake slept in past 8 and then promptly began a family cuddle session complete with a sippy and books. And really, is there anything better? Then, Matt made the most delicious aebleskivers for brunch and we all indulged on our special Easter plates. We worked our Easter magic during Jake's short psuedo nap (in which he sat in bed and read to himself rather than sleeping) and then dressed him up in his Easter Sunday best and showed him the backyard.

We thought we'd have to help Jake know what to do, but that smart little boy was all over it. The second we opened the back door, Jake spotted the basket and the eggs and got to work. He went all over the yard, gathering the eggs and methodically dropping them in his basket one by one. Jake was even all business when he collected the egg on top of his slide -- simply climbed up the ladder, grabbed the egg, slid down the slide, and took the egg to the basket. That boy was on a mission! It was so cute to watch.

At last, all the eggs were collected and we headed to church, which was wonderful as always. We go to church every Sunday, so that is nothing new, but there is definitely something extra special about a Sabbath Day in which the entire world is celebrating our Savior and His resurrection. Later that afternoon, we headed North to Matt's parents' house to have Easter dinner with some of Matt's siblings and their families. It was a beautiful day!
And can we talk about that face for just one second? Because I already can hardly handle all the Jakey cuteness that is running around every day. Then he goes and gets all dressed up in a navy and white seersucker blazer and yellow bow tie with that cute little grin of his... and it killed me. All day long. Seriously. I love that handsome little mister so much!


  1. That little outfit is TOO cute! I just want to squeeze him! I may also be secretly hoping our kiddos can meet someday and maybe have some sparks fly :) That would be too funny given that I feel I'm an honorary member of your family tree at times.

    You are still rockin' it! You look amazing!

  2. Such a handsome little man! I love the bowtie!


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