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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A little fish

Since Utah apparently still thinks it is winter (as evidenced by the snow and 30-degree temperatures yesterday), we've done our best to at least pretend that spring exists. This has meant taking out the BOB and going on trips to the park on any and every day with weather I find moderately tolerable and trying to soak up as much Vitamin D as possible. And on a few days with less-than desirable weather, we've  found ourselves at the pool.

Our little fish loves it. Jake splashes and squeals and tries to swim. He does the breaststroke with his arms and kicks his little feet, and then eventually gets mad at us for not letting go and just letting him do it on his own. So then we end up wherever it is shallow enough for him to walk on his own because, didn't you know, he is big and doesn't need our help? Jake reminds us of that fact all the time. He does, however, allow us to help him jump over the "waves" at the wave pool. During one set of waves, he was laughing/happily screaming so loud that I nearly fell over from laughing so hard myself. He is just so much fun.

And to make things even more fun, my little brothers came to join us for a couple swimming adventures. Jake loved showing off for his grandparents and little uncles. It is definitely nice having family close by for even simple things like spring winter trips to the pool.
Check out that awesome breaststroke :)

1 comment:

  1. Jake is such a cute little guy. These pictures were fun. Can't wait to see all the Northern Utah family when we come up for Kolby's farewell in May.


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