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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Underground Ketchup Brigade

If you only know one thing about my family's eating habits, it should be that they are serious about their ketchup.

Del Monte ketchup mysteriously disappeared from Utah shelves a few months ago and it's been really rough on my siblings. Since Del Monte ketchup is plentiful out here in the desert, Matt & I happily supplied a box of it as a funny little Christmas gift. It got actual cheers from the entire family.
Little did we know that our one-time gift would lead to constant requests for more. Thus, our backseat on the way to Utah last weekend looked like this:
Like I said: serious about ketchup.


  1. Oh my gosh, that is too funny! That is a LOT of ketchup! I never thought brands of ketchup would be that different. I think they all taste the same. Klane was the first person to introduce me to the idea that anyone might prefer a certain brand over another (he's a Hunts man). One of these days I need to sit down with several brands and have a little taste test session. Maybe then I'd be able to tell the difference and actually form some kind of opinion about it. I just can't tell!

  2. Every family has a thing. Ketchup is not such a bad thing to be obsessed over. I'm glad you can keep the ketchup train going.

    Our family is keen on Rudy's BBQ. Rudy's Sauce, Rudy's rub, Rudy's Cole Slaw, Rudy's meat, Rudy's ribs, Rudy's, Rudy's, Rudy's.

  3. oH my gosh! That is hillarious!!!!!!!!! Did you know that Grandpa Graf is very serious about his ketchup! He seriously puts it on EVERYTHING!! hee hee!!!

  4. Now I know where it comes from--Grandpa! And I'd definitely recommend a taste test. Matt thought we were crazy with our Del Monte obsession, until we blindfolded him and fed him 7 different spoonfuls of ketchup. Now he's a believer :-)

  5. You probably emptied the store shelves!! That is a LOT of ketchup!

  6. That made me laugh and I remembered the time I fixed a breakfast for the clan and didn't have the ketchup out. Big Mistake, and after a request for the ketchup we pulled it out, and it probably wasn't even Del Monte. Oh Dear, my bad!


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