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Friday, February 5, 2010

The big kid rides

Nothing like a bunch of roller coasters to spice up the desert life! Matt had a day off a few weeks ago and we had free Six Flags tickets, so off we went to Magic Mountain. The high in Valencia that day was a mere 66 degrees, but we decided it was a great idea to just wear t-shirts anyway so we didn't have to lug anything around. It was not a great idea. We got out of our car and were welcomed by overcast skies and a light breeze... which would not feel so "light" when rushing to our faces while going 80 mph on a coaster! Right.

Since we were an hour away from home, we punched "Walmart" into our Garmin and picked up these lovelies for $10. We figured they could double as our car-to-gym jackets (that 1 minute walk can be pretty icy at night!) so no harm done.

The park was miraculously not crowded that day, so we stayed till the park closed and were able to ride every.single.coaster there at least once... and our favorites twice! Not bad. And can I just tell you that Matt is probably the most fun person to go on rides with ever? He totally makes all the little "woohoo" noises and just has a ball. Which translates into me laughing the entire time... although I'm pretty sure that's what I do anyway.

We rode those coasters till we were sick! (Well, actually Matt's the only one who really gets motion sick but I didn't want to call him out or anything... okay, just kidding, neither one of us really got sick.)

It was a blast!


  1. That sounds like sooo much fun! Every single ride! I'd be loving that. As always, you two are gorgeous and it was so fun looking at your pictures!

  2. Six Flags is so fun! I went over the summer in Jersey.. They have the best coasters.. I got sick though. Y'all are lucky. Well not sick sick, but my stomach informed me that I was done when the day was over.. What was your favorite ride?!?! Superman, anyone?

  3. I haven't heard of The Afters but now I'm going to check them out! Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. Oh my goodness! The last time we went to six flags I got so sick I crawled off Mr. Freeze and made my way to the nearest park bench and laid down for a few minutes before Bri said "should we do another one?" He has never gotten sick, not once. No mercy!!! Glad you both love it and have stomachs of steel! tee hee

  5. Ash!! It's been forever since i've been on the blogs! But, tonight I've gotten to sit back and relax a bit and catch up with everyone. I LOVE reading your posts!!! You and Matt are an awesome and fun couple...and are making so many wonderful memories together!!!

  6. How fun! I remember when I would go with you and your family to Six Flags Great America. Your mom gave one of the most hilarious, um..."relationship" talks ever. I remember she discussed how a honeymoon in a cozy cabin would definitely beat one in a place like Hawaii. Love you mom. Love you. Love the memories!

  7. Amy- Haha! So you got that talk, too, eh? Must mean she loves you like a daughter :-) And having been there, done that with the honeymoon thing... I can definitely say my mom was right! Our little cottage in Park City was the perfect thing right after the wedding.


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