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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Orleans, LA: Little visit to the Big Easy

Since it's Fat Tuesday* and all, I thought I'd share our quick visit to New Orleans last fall! I was flying to the South to meet Matt in Alabama and figured it was as good a time as any to cross Louisiana off our 50-states list. Matt picked me up from the airport in NOLA and we checked into the beautiful downtown Hilton, compliments of a $40 room through Priceline. (Have I mentioned that we adore Priceline? Because we do.)

We then took a cab to the (in)famous French Quarter and dined at a highly-recommended jazz club. I must say, the authentic Cajun food was delicious. And the atmosphere, with the live jazz band playing in the background? Fantastic.

After dinner, we walked around the French Quarter a bit more...

... strolled along the riverwalk...

... and made a little purchase before heading in at 10 pm. (We weren't too interested in experiencing the night life in NOLA, if you know what I mean.)

Before heading back to Alabama the next morning, we enjoyed touring around the French Quarter in the daylight. Most of what we saw in New Orleans has been renovated since the hurricane, and the buildings still have so much character. It's definitely a unique city!

I have a little secret, though: we still like the Disneyland version better.

*Just for the record, I by no means participate in Fat Tuesday! Phew.


  1. Hey Ash, thank you so much for stopping by my blog and saying hello. You guys are so cute :) I love your pictures!!!!! :) have a great Tuesday!!!!

  2. That mask is so pretty!
    Question about priceline, if they accept your offer, do they choose what time you fly out? so you have to be flexible to drive to the airport whatever time on a certain day? Or once you book the ticket they give you a time? and you are for sure guaranteed a seat?

  3. I will have to check out this priceline business! Maybe my sweetheart already does. He has all kinds of tricks up his sleeve and takes good care of me. I don't even know what fat tuesday is, but I just found out from Justin, that Canada had national family day yesterday. How about that. Great Idea huh!

  4. Priceline has only worked for me once. I must be too cheap to enter the right price. You'll have to tell me your secrets!

  5. Stacie- We mostly just use Priceline for our hotel rooms. I'm a Southwest girl through and through when it comes to flying! (Their frequent flier program has treated me well over the past few years.) But I HAVE used Priceline once for flights and it worked out GREAT!

    I got a RT flight to Virginia last minute for like 80% off the going rate, and more than 50% off what it would have cost had I booked in advance. You have to be able to fly out ANYTIME between like 6 AM and 10 PM that day, though, and I rarely have that kind of flexibility. Otherwise I might use them for flights a bit more!

    There are a lot of variables that you get to select--which airports, how many connections, whether or not you'd go red eye, etc.--that can help your chances of getting a good fare.

    But once you buy your ticket, you are guaranteed that seat just like you would be had you booked through Expedia or another booking engine. If you ever have great flexibility/have to fly last-minute, I'd definitely give it a shot!

  6. And Sydna-I usually check reviews first to figure out which areas I'd want to bid for, then check Hotwire to get a general idea of what the rooms are going for... and then bid a little lower than the Hotwire price on Priceline. I have a few little things that I do when I'm actually bidding to make sure I'm getting the absolute lowest price possible. Let me know if you ever want those!

    We tend to get 4-star rooms for around $40. But we've found that we like the 3-stars (specifically Hyatts!) the best because they're the ones with continental breakfast. (3.5 stars and above have restaurants instead.) Those have averaged about $35 for us.

  7. Love the new header! And your trip looks like it was so much fun. Great pictures as always! Okay and I just learned yesterday that Fat Tuesday and Mardi Gras are actually the same thing. Yep.


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